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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has ever departed from this port? We're scheduled to do so on the Celebrity Millennium in March of 2023 and was curious as to what the embarkation is like.
  2. Is that the one from Optum that includes a telehealth call so they can monitor you sticking the swab up your nose? I was thinking of doing that one, but Walgreens testing isn't really scarce in my neck o' the woods.
  3. Cruise cabin price that you paid stays the same. I think they have an "out" to increase your fuel surcharge beyond what you already paid, if the fuel price increases.
  4. Don't leave us hanging, if you get a response, please share. I personally use bottled water anytime I'm not at home (for teeth brushing at any rate). Just a habit borne out of travel to Mexico.
  5. I don't think it was early. My cruise isn't until October and they've already sent me an email saying to complete it within 48 hours or my cruise could be cancelled. ( I had already filled it out). Memory isn't what it used to be, but I think it was just asking your vaccination status and it's not a pre-cruise how you feeling today, assessment.
  6. I would guess when the public health emergency is over - probably not until after mid-terms. Shame this whole thing has become so politicized.
  7. I actually just spoke to a Carnival Customer Service Rep about this very subject today. There is no indication of when Faster to The Fun will come back. Her best guess was after all of the covid restrictions have been lifted. I think the PHE from the Feds is still in effect, so until that is allowed to die a quick and painless death, FTTF won't be back.
  8. It's not just the alcohol. Specialty Coffee is included as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Also, be sure to get bottled water at dinner. Everyone over 21 in the cabin has to buy the package. We found on our last cruise (pre-pandemic) that the cost of the package vs. what we would have paid per-drink was pretty close, when you include non-alcoholic beverages. I think the pre-payment rather than seeing the charges on your account at cruise end, made it worth it for us. YMMV of course. Just create a spreadsheet listing current prices of beverages and estimate what you think you'll consume vs the per-day cost of the package. If it's close, go for the package, if you think you'll spend less without it, then decline the package. I found it was easier to experiment with different drinks to see if I liked it.
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