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Laundry at $35/bag - Wonder of the Seas

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RC says self-serve laundry is not available on Wonder of the Seas due to safety concerns. However, at $35 for a bag, it sounds more like profiteering. Nowhere, on the RC website, can I find the size of the bag. I like to do laundry on cruises in order to take half the luggage. Can someone tell me what size bag is provided for $35? My guess is it’s a quart-sized bag! LOL!!

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No Royal cruise ship has  launderettes, not even ironing "closets". The bags are pretty close to being 16"x20" but do not have a bottom gusset. I wear women's large and hubby wears 2xl and we can carefully fill the bag with 2-3 days worth of clothing for the 2 of us.

Be warned though the machines used are industrial types with your clothing being transferred to mesh bags for washing in very hot water using the same detergents as they do for the ship's linens and then dried on high. DO NOT send anything that can bleed or shrink. And the service it self can take 2 days, if you want next day service the price is per piece plus 50% surcharge for the faster service.

For those prices it tends to be less expensive to pay an airline charge for a checked bag. 

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Thanks for the detail; especially, about the hot water and high-heat drying! Very much appreciated. I emailed RC, directly, on May 20 and have yet to hear back (May 29), one day before I depart for my cruise. I have very little respect for this cruise line as of right now! I can only hope the onboard experience is better than their corporate antipathy.

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