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Employing American people in USA

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Simplest answer is any American can experience the same VISA or passport problems as the international workers simply because the ships are not registered to the USA. Being most cruise ships are registered in Panama or the Bahamas a Us citizen would still need to satisfy the overseas work laws from those nations. 

Also how many American would work for the wages plus compensation paid by most cruise lines? On average a customer forward entry level worker on a cruise ship, meaning a steward or wait staff, makes about US$300-400/month in contracted set wages plus room and board with the rest of their income being derived from tips. They work 6 days a week usually on 12 hour shifts with an hour meal break and 2x 30 minute "coffee" breaks for 4-8 months straight before being allowed to head home. (And as long as the contract is completed without any major problems air transport only to home is provided.) That why on any cruise line most US and Canadians will be found working in the Entertainment departments as their wages are more on par with what an extra or background/chorus actor or a radio DJ gets, $25-35K/contract year (2 weeks -1 month rehearsals off ship and 3-4 months on board preforming then a month off). While those that work the retail shops tend to be low paid by USA standards, usually between $5-8/hour, they make most of the wages through commissions.  

But the bigger problem cruise lines are having right now is not with the entry level personnel but with the specialized and management staff.  This means competent head chefs, sous chefs, HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers most with experience during the cruise pause were forced to ply their trade elsewhere and found they were equally successful (meaning wages plus family life quality) without the travel away from home. 

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