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Norwegian Cruise Line CruiseNext Program

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I was on the Norwegian Bliss for its Panama Canal cruise 2/4/2022 to 2/20/2022. I purchased four $250 deposits for future cruise through Norwegian's CruiseNext program and got $500 onboard credit for the cruise I was on. The night of 2/19/2022 my wife and I visited the the CruiseNext counter to get information on a 2023 Mexican Riviera cruise for my grandchildren and ourselves. The young lady at the counter, Mercy, gave us dates available and brought up the subject of purchasing four $250 deposits on future cruises and said that Norwegian Cruise Line would match our $1000 with an additional four deposits which we could then use on the Mexican Riviera Cruise we were thinking about taking our grandchildren on. We told her that we had already purchased four deposits for $1000 and taken advantage of the $500 onboard credit. She told us she could reverse the $500 onboard credit and get us the additional four deposits. I specifically asked her if she was sure it would not cost me an additional $1000 and she assured me it would not. I told the young lady we would take the deal she was offering. After debarkation I looked at my cruise invoice and realized that I had been charged an additional $1000 and had been given an additional $500 onboard credit for the cruise I had just completed. It was obvious that the young lady, Mercy, had lied to us and had sold us an additional four $250 deposits in order to get a higher commission for herself from Norwegian Cruise Line. I looked at my NCL Latitude Rewards account and I have eight $250 deposits but they have cost me and additional $1000. On February 28, 2022 and March 8, 2022 I wrote  to Norwegian Corporate Headquarters asking them to remove the $1000 charge on my invoice and remove the charge from my credit card. In the meantime I have disputed the $1000 charge on my credit card and  have received a temporary credit for that amount. My credit card company has contacted Norwegian Cruise Line and NCL has until May 5, 2022 to respond to the credit card company. As of March 28, 2022 I have not heard from Norwegian Cruise Line and am awaiting resolution of my $1000 dispute. I am wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience with Norwegian.

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We just did this and you were charged correctly except instead of reversing the original charge she just added an additional Four $250 deposits ($1000). You were originally charged $1000 + another $1000 =$2000 total and were given credits of $500+$500 = $1000. So $2000-$1000 credits=$1000 total you paid for eight $250 deposits (=$2000 in deposits). We did it for Eight $250 deposits and were charged $2000 - $1000 ship credits = $1000 total, exactly the same.   So you did end up paying an additional $500 for an additional four $250 deposits.

I think the wording of the program is confusing. Technically she did match your $1000 with 4 additional $250 deposits (total of 8). What she wasn't saying is she would give you eight $250 deposits for the $500 you already paid ($1000 - $500 credits you originally paid). You still got $2000 in deposits for half price ($1000 you paid) which is a good deal.

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