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I am a hard working men that deserves a nice time off and get to relax, enjoy “me-time”; therefore, I booked a 2-days cruise on MSC Divina for the next month of April.  I’ll be traveling all by myself.  The question is:  Would it be worth it to upgrade my reservation to the Yacht Club area?  Any inputs/recommendations?  Please let me know.

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For a Two day cruise, not really.  YC gets huge upgrade in terms of services.  Of those, notable service is check in process, where you get to go to YC lounge for easy check in and avoid crowd, and same for on board, food quality is much better than main and have all the drinks and they don't even ask for your card, but you don't get specialty restaurant with YC. You do get free access to Thermal area but you can get that for $80 day pass.  It was great value to me during busy season when there were 4k people waiting to check in and had to fight for space by the pool, since YC has its own pool in separate area with plenty of chairs.  YC is definite experience, room will be about 10% larger than normal cabin in Divina.  Plus, when you upgrade to YC from upgrade program, make sure you read the fine print as I have seen folks get upgrade to YC cabin but not the benefits. (I did Divina in Fantasia Balcony, YC Balcony in Seaside, and Bella Balcony in Seashore)

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