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Pillow Chocolate Gate

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I just read an artical about people wishing that pillow chocolates return but John Heald stated that CCL isn't going to be bring it back.... to bad!

I have been sailing with CCL long enough to remember even on my 1st cruise that each evening the steward actually did a bed turndown and placed a small wrapped chocolate on your pillow. It was such a nice treat and just a nice little touch.

I for one miss the turndown service and pillow chocolate...not because I feel superior but rather it was just a nice little touch to make you feel special and welcomed. 

Now days I feel more and more is being taken away from what cruising use to actually represent on many different levels.

Heck on my last 2 cruises I only saw my room steward once during the entire cruise which was on day one when they introduced themselves. 

What are your thoughts?

Have you experienced the turned down service with a chocolate on your pillow?

How would it make you feel to have this service little extra service?

Would you like to see this service return?

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@euroguy That's frustrating! Pillow chocolates aren't a big deal for the cruise line and they really don't come at a big expense either! I also remember the pillow chocolates being such a nice touch to end the day. It was a CCL signature! The fact that all of these signature treats are being taken away from guests makes moving to other cruise lines pretty simple. If there isn't anything particularly impressionable incentives about a cruise line, what's holding you back from trying something new? I for one would love this service to return. I see the value in this service, but I guess CCL doesn't feel the same. It was more than a chocolate, it was the gesture to treat guests in an extra special way. 

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