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Carnival ends $25 casino VIFP Perk Without Notice

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Carnival Cruise Line has quietly removed a popular benefit for its Diamond and Platinum level returning guests, without notice of the discontinuation. The $25 FunPlay credit in the ship’s casino was never intended as a long-term benefit, but nevertheless, it has been a popular perk that guests have enjoyed for several years.

Now, however, the perk has been removed from the list of benefits for the upper tiers of Carnival’s VIFP loyalty program, and Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador has confirmed that the credit is no longer being offered.

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@KruzingGal I noticed this removal as well! It's definitely a shock for those that have enjoyed this loyalty perk. It's true that this was more of a secret, under the wraps sort of perk. The fact that CCL didn't announce the removal of this perk isn't so surprising because of is being a more secretive offering. I'm actually surprised the $25 FunPlay credit lasted as long as it did! 

Do you think that the line plans to replace this perk with something similar in the future? Something is telling me this is foresight for what is to come. If guests are wanting this perk back, maybe the line plans to bring it back in another form once the loyalty program changes are announced. 


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@RoadTravelled Thanks for that. There are some differing opinions about this perk vanishing out of nowhere. I agree that this change is coming in a timely fashion, right before program changes are announced. How do you think a casino FunPlay credit could be better offered once the loyalty program is restructured? It could be nice to have a more minimal (say $5) credit for lower tiers and a higher credit (say $30) for Diamond members. What would you think of that adjustment?

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