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Air Sea program - How does it work?

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So I have a cruise booked in late Spring of next year and have the Air Sea on my Fare/cruise ticket.

How does this program work and when should I expect to receive an flight confirmation(s), and other things?
What are some of your thoughts on this program if you've used it, and it is a good program?

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@Herobear_Gaymer NCL should have given you those details upon booking. I haven't used this program before, but I do believe those details are given to the cruise guest with plenty of time to spare. I have not heard good things about this program, and based on what I have heard, I wouldn't recommend NCL's Air Sea program. I have heard if there are any unforeseen changes, like a flight delay, NCL is not responsible for those changes. NCL does not work with the airline on your behalf, and issues can arise due to this third-party booking scenario. I would recommend booking your airfare and cruise fare separately. 

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@Herobear_Gaymer If NCL didn't contact you with flight information, I would recommend reaching out to them directly. If your cruise embarkation date is within the year, I would expect you to get flight info pretty soon if it hasn't come yet. I was under the impression that you would get flight info immediately upon booking. I have not used this program and prefer to book my cruises/airfare separately. When is your cruise? 

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