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Joy Upgrade Advantage - Haven

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Hey everyone! New member here. Definitely not new to cruising though..my wife and I have been on 8 NCL cruises together and about to go on our 9th next week. We're celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary and we wanted it to be really special. Which brings me to my question. Any and all input and help would really be appreciated.


We booked semi-last minute, about 30 days out. Into a club balcony.  It's on the 9th deck, and its a family club balcony so it has a tub which my wife isn't a fan of, but we really wanted this cruise to celebrate, so we decided to put in bids to upgrade. Bids. As in plural lol. Here are the facts:


1) We bid into 5 different Haven categories to try to raise our odds.

2) Each bid was about $50-$75 more than the minimum bids.

3) Our cruise on the NCL website is listed as sold out.


I've heard of bids being accepted 0-3 days out, so I'm trying to be patient but my anticipation is running wild.  I've also heard that we're basically hoping and waiting on Haven cancellations to even be eligible for an upgrade, but I've also heard NCL has rooms set aside for upgrades? I've ALSO heard that TA's have rooms set aside for their clients and they hold onto them until the last moment that they can release last minute that NCL can then use for upgrades. Which of these is the truth, and what would you guys say are our odds? Am I getting my hopes up?



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@euph85 I'm glad you are going on a cruise for your anniversary! It's the best way to celebrate! I have done it before and always enjoy it. Booking 30-days out is something I have actually never done before. I typically book like aa year plus in advanced, but hopefully this allotted you with some great rates! I don't think you are getting your hopes up. There are chances you will possibly get one of those upgrades! I haven't used NCL's bidding system before but there is still time to find out if you stateroom bid will be accepted. Keep your hopes up and keep us posted. I'm curious to know what my odds could be if I did the same thing. Will you be cruising aa new ship/itinerary this time around? NCL Haven is a great package so either way I believe you will have an exceptional cruise experience!


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@3Sisters  Thanks for the hopefulness! I've asked on other sites and message boards, and basically, everyone everywhere else say that I'm getting my hopes up. That the NYC -> Bermuda cruise is one of NCL's most popular cruises and it books fully, often. And that unless we bid the maximum per stateroom, we won't even have a shot basically.

And..to answer your questions.  This is our 9th NCL cruise. 6th time on this itinerary to Bermuda. 2nd time on the Joy.  We're both Platinum latitudes.

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@euph85 Absolutely! When is your departure date? I would imagine NCL should give you notification whether your bid has been accepted or not within the week. I do think New York to Bermuda cruises are popular but I don't think they are most popular. Personally I have seen other itineraries seem more popular (although it is a great route). 

It's awesome you have enjoyed NCL Joy in the past and are anticipating cruising on it again. Do you live near NYC? That would make this route very practical for you! I haven't use NCL's bidding program before, but I don't think the maximum bid is always necessary. Keep me posted for sure! I would be curious to see if the other boards end up being right. I'm pretty optimistic about it! 

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