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Royal Caribbean Guest Arrested in Grand Turk

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A RCL guest was arrested on April 24 and is looking at a 12-year prison sentence. This 31-year-old guest was caught during the security process in Grand Turk while in possession of ammunition. The bigger problem is, why did it take so long to catch? The ammunition was unsuspected on multiple occasions prior to the incident. Do you think this guest should be subject to such a long prison sentence? The guest claimed he was unaware the items were still in his bag.


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I can't imagine how such an incident should result in 12 years or prison time. If this scandal was linked to a bigger crime, I see how it could possibly cost this poor guy some jail time, but I don't see this as such a big issue after viewing it at the surface level. If he really had the ammunition in there by accident, and had no malicious intent, I don't think it's fair to put this man under so much scrutiny. I understand Grand Turk has strict policies around firearms and ammunition, but it could really have just been a pretty honest mistake. 

I had a similar thing happen to me at the airport. I was flying back home from Peru and accidentally had an apple at the bottom of my bag. I was taken into questioning and asked if I was trying to smuggle seeds, and I of course said no. Then the bag was brought in and the apple that they found was exposed. Apparently I was trying to smuggle seeds into the US. I found it ridiculous, but the authorities were very serious and upset. Smuggling seeds would have never even crossed by mind. The apple wasn't even that good.

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What is most upsetting is when guests get away with sneaking things onboard on purpose, and a guests who makes an honest mistake can be sentences to prison time. A guest has been banned for life for fishing off of a ship, and another was banned for life due to CBD gummies. Sometimes it's not always fair, but I guess life isn't fair. That's just reality! If you ever try to sneak something onboard, you take a huge risk! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It doesn't matter how expensive the alcohol may be onboard, sneaking it on the ship is far too risky. 

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