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NCL Breakaway May 12-26, 2024 Cruises Cut Short

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Just got an update from NCL.  Cancelling and shortening ports of call.  They have cancelled the stop at Tortola, BVI and instead will be at sea.  Next they shortened the visit to Puerto Plata DR by an hour and the stop at St. Thomas by 1.5 hours. Given you are supposed to be back onboard an hour before departure, this significantly impacts plans for activities on the DR and St. Thomas. For taking away an island and cutting short time on the other two islands they have offered $100 per stateroom.  They also increased the time on their private island in the Bahamas by 4 hours. Not sure how self serving this is as we will be captive to a beach where NCL can generate more revenue.  One of the reasons cited for the change is to provide a "better" experience for their guests.  I have no idea how taking away excursions to BVI and shortening visits to other island cultures, but adding more time to a captive beach is better for the guests.  This is my first cruise on NCL, it is obviously not starting well. 

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@Disappointed This doesn't come as a surprise. It's so unfortunate that NCL does this all the time to guests, changing around its itineraries left and right. At least NCL offered a little something for missing that time at the ports. NCL doesn't always even do that! It does sound very strategic that the ship chose to spend more time at its private island than at the other ports, but I'm sure there is more backstory as to why it all unfolded this way. The removal of excursions in the BVI is bizarre. If you continue to cruise with NCL, I would imagine these issues will continue. Unfortunately it's been this way for the past couple of years. I'm hopeful enough guests will speak up and it will spark change. Aside from theses itinerary issues, how are you enjoying the rest of your cruise? What other cruise lines have you tried in the past and enjoyed?


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