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New Carnival Loyalty Program Being Planned

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Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald recently posted that the cruise line is planning a new, refreshed loyalty program. He did not reveal details about the program but did admit that it was in dire need of an update. Apparently, more details on this will be coming later this year. What would you like to see from the new program?

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@Emrys thank you for the heads up about the up coming changes.  I am interested to hear what changes they will make.  i suspect that it will include some benifit for spending for items while onbaord the ship, like spa treatments, specialty dinning, jewelry etc will earn points when hitting different levels of spending. Additionally suspect since they will give points for spending on ship that go towards your loyalty level, that they will change the loyalty points needed for each tier.

I know that many have wanted to see different point values earned for different cabin types, i.e. inside,oceanview,balcony,suite I'm not sure about that happening but I know other lines do offer this. 

In conclusion I guessing that the loyalty program very well could change from # of days cruised to a points based system as several other cruise lines do this and it also encourages spending on the ship which inturn means more revenues for CCL

that's my prediction... I guess time will tell.

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@euroguy outlines I think many of the ideas that have been floated and likely to be included.  As he says, only time will tell, and so far John has been very tight-lipped.  But, he's right that the program definitely needs another look.

This may be a tangent to the OP's question, but I would love to have a program that allows you to have your loyalty status on Carnival ships somehow be accommodated and recognized on other CCL branded ships, like Princess, P&O, Aida, Costa, etc.  I think this could be a win-win for the company as it would allow you to experience what other brands bring to the table, further add revenue to CCL corporate, and open up a whole new level of port options.

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@euroguy I like the idea of earning points based on our cabin type too. Although I'm not the type to book superior cabins, I think if you are spending more to book those cabin types, you should earn more for spending more! Many cruise lines offer a similar structure. I agree with most of your predictions, and this whole VIFP restructuring will hopefully work in your favor!

@RoadTravelled I'm glad CCL is remaining proactive, and keeping guest's opinions in mind. The fact that CCL is always open to change, remaining progressive, is really nice. Many cruise lines can be sedentary, stuck in their ways, but CCL is always open to advance and expanding, making it remain a leader in the industry. Speaking of CCL advancements, the new details of Celebration Key have me so excited! The "suncastle" that will be 10-stories high will have waterslides coming out of it. The designs for Celebration Key are pretty epic. 


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