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TAMPA, FL rated #1 Cruise Destination in the World

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@kefthecruiser You are a Floridian! That is the good life. I miss the days that I lived there and would love to move back. I haven't cruised out of Tampa since I was a child but been back plenty of time. I flew from my current hometown to Fort Myers my two times previous hometown seven times last year, and I'm on my way to number two for this year, next week. I love the gulf coast and the east coat, my previous hometown. I don't discriminate but I do think Tampa deserves that title. Honestly all Florida beaches and ports are nice, but I find cruising out of wherever is conveniently located is the best. I'm in a landlocked state now. Every time I cruise I have to take a flight and it's so annoying. I was very spoiled. Do you find yourself cruising more often because you live within driving distance to some awesome ports? 

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@Cruising Caribbean I did laugh about this article, I guess there's something I'm missing!

I've had periods where I went on multiple cruises from FL ports, doing bookings last minute at low prices, in a year. But, I procrastinate. Those last minute bookings just don't exist now - too much demand and too high prices. I need to start planning further ahead. Well, maybe I'll start tomorrow.

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@kefthecruiser Tampa is a booming! It's such a fun port to visit, and it's pretty simple to cruise out of too. It's even better if you can get dropped off at the port and avoid parking or drive just a short distance to get there. Let's just hope Tampa doesn't become Miami; Tampa is big enough and has grown substantially over the years. Growth is good, but to me, the size of the Port of Tampa is ideal. It has lots of traffic without feeling overwhelming. The last minute prices aren't the same! I remember last minute deals to be such good prices. Sometimes the earlier you book, the more you save. Also, many cruise lines price match if the rate goes lower, and I love that. That makes booking earlier even better. 


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