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Cabin isolation causes PTSD

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My travel companion tested Pos three days into an  8 day cruise. Tested neg the day we left port. She was in isolation Tues-Sunday. Felt completely normal the whole time and no fever ever. She was given free Wifi , movie channel and free room service. She could order alcohol as long as I approved it. The isolation (she is very social) was extremely detrimental and she has been off ship for three days now. Still very depressed all the time even though she is completely  healthy with no symptoms. They tested me same day and I was negative even though we were traveling together. I had no restrictions. Bottom line is: the isolation really messed her up and she is very depressed and has been since initial quarantine. They offered her 6 days credit on another cruise and she said she will never get on a ship again. Gee, thanks a lot...and we loved to cruise and work them into our winter vacations. As a side note: USA land based laws would have allowed her out of quarantine the same day (based on new information we found out later). This is because she was fully vax, showed no symptoms and five days had passed since we had the 48 hour pre cruise test where those results were delayed for her and showed up on Tuesday as Positive. USA law says, fully faxed + 5 days no symptoms, = no more quarantine. However according to the Ship doctor it is 10 days quarantine. So, Carnival kept her in isolation till end of cruise (6 days). She only had one phone call in 6 days from medical staff. She could have been laying dead in the cabin and nobody would know except maybe the room service staff would have eventually figured it out. Room service called here every day to order meals. FYI they served her food on paper plates and was given gross  wooden disposable utensils.  She was not given any other options. Could not leave the room (on bottom level) and could not leave the ship when it was visiting any ports to fly home. All the while showing no symptoms. As we neared the end of the cruise, we were all educated in Dis embark procedures. However she received no paper instructions, no phone call, nothing. There were also at least 3 other occupied cabins next to her isolation section. I had to go to customer service and complain to them that she had no get off the ship instructions. Eventually they did call and explain that she would be escorted off last, and nobody knew what doors she would come out of the terminal building from. Eventually she appeared from a rear side door where nobody else was using. Crying hysterically and only wanted to get far away from the ship as possible. She has not been right since.

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