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I just read where Carnival is cracking down on scooters. Although I totally sympathize with the handicap people, I think that CCL should have cracked down on them a long time ago. When we took our cruise, there were so many scooters everywhere we went that it was somewhat aggravating. They might want to consider doing a handicap specific cruise where only the handicapped people and their friends/families are permitted to travel and free up some space on other cruises . At least, only let a certain number of scooters on each ship. There are way to many on each ship. They take up a lot of space when you have too many.

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I hope this reply will help to change your way of thinking. Being disabled or handicapped is not usually a choice. People have fought to keep your country safe and have sustained injuries in doing so that cause them to be physically incapable of exercising, walking or standing for more than a couple of minutes. Do you think these people should be denied the ability to go on a vacation now? Why don't we deny blonde haired people. Or maybe let's ban Jewish people. Is a scooter really such a bothersome thing for you to look at?

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@Bill Day I see your point here, but if we are cracking down on scooters, we should crack down on strollers. They take up about the same amount of space. I agree that too many scooters onboard a tight cruise ship can feel congested and uncomfortable at times due to the limited amount of space, but it's not a huge deal. Obviously, dealing with mobility devices like scooters and strollers takes more patience, but we all should have more patience when on vacation anyways! Also, at least those who don't have mobility devices have options to use the stairs! Those with scooters don't have that same luxury. 

@CaptainHunter I also value your perspective here. I think the issue is limited space onboard a ship. The hallways are particularly narrow. It can be hard to maneuver when there are too many scooters/strollers primarily due to space. I'm not sure if there needs to be a limitation, but there certainly needs to be more accommodating hallways and elevators. A private one for those with mobility devices could be helpful with the flow of traffic. 

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