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Those darn Ducks!

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I am happy to hear of Carnivals' decision to not ban cruise ducks! I found the cruisehive article quite interesting.  A few things gave me a chuckle. As an avid hunter and hider of ducks I can assure anyone worried about ducks taking over the ship should worry more about chair hogs on the lido deck. Whilst not for everyone (some folks are just joyless) these ducks bring IMMENSE joy to MANY. These ducks are as sought after as a Stanley cup and they are NOT going to be tossed in the ocean by a crew member that is sick of them- crew love Cruise Ducks too! While the numbers may seem massive, when was the last time YOU even spotted a cruise duck? While hundreds are hidden, there are thousands of people on a ship. I can promise ducks dont hang around for long before they are claimed. I have never seen anyone climbing all over things to get them either. I may have, once or twice, frightened another passenger in my excitement over finding a duck but that cant be any worse than drinken passengers shenanigans.  Disney showed their true colors in banning Duck joy from their ships. There are many reasons I wouldn't sail Disney- that's yet another to add to the list. How sad what Disney has become. Kudos to Carnival! I've only sailed Royal but I can tell you surely if a cruise line bans ducks- I wouldn't sail it. 

Duck joy is REAL. 

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@Tina Thanks for sharing your support! I love that you participate in hiding and hunting for ducks onboard your cruises. The chair hogs on the Lido deck can be a real problem! I wonder if those guests even sleep. What time do you have to get up to save all of those beach loungers? I would rather have one to share than take up a row of 10. That's usually what my family ends up doing, sharing, and that's perfectly fine with me!

I agree that most will not be throwing anything off of the ship, and the crew members enjoy the duck fun too. For the record, no one is supposed to toss anything like that overboard! DCL has not banned the rubber ducks as of now, but they are highly discouraged onboard. It's a shame but at least they aren't banned yet

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