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Anyone who has a problem with persons who do a Full World Cruise or person's in a Frequent Cruiser category need to get over it.  On the ship people in the higher ( more expensive) cabins get special treatment. This goes for people on a World Cruise who are doing the full cruise as opposed to a segment or persons who are in a Frequent customer category. That is just part of life and it is nothing to get out of sorts over. The ship should be discreet and make such issues known ahead of time but it should not surprise anyone. I sailed on a number of World Cruises and that is just a fact but as I always stated we arrived at the port at the same time and if you are going to allow such things to bother you just realize how fortunate you are to be on such a cruise! It never cease to amaze me that people in the " lap of luxury" can find something to get bent out of shape over. This is where an attitude of gratitude comes in handy otherwise stay home and find things to make you unhappy.

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@John Heimerdinger I completely agree! If you are paying that much for a cruise, you deserve VIP treatment. It's to be expected! I don't expect VIP treatment because that sort of itinerary is out of my budget, but I don't knock anyone that has special treatment. You paid for that! It's true; most people don't get to cruise in their entire lifetime. I think everyone should be grateful for the opportunity to cruise. Guests shouldn't get jealous of one another. Some people are naturally more judgmental and jealous than others. Typically those character traits go hand in hand. Don't let those types of guests get under your skin. Keep on cruising with your positive mindset! 

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