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The Key - Embarkation Lunch

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I am reaching out to inquire about the Embarkation Lunch provided with The Key.  On the forum, I read that there may be an opportunity to switch out the lunch on embarkation day to have free room service (removing the delivery fee for the entire week).  Can someone please let me know how this happens or what steps to ask about this?  




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@curlygirl2424 I would definitely call about this switch option. Without notifying the cruise line, I don't think the switch would happen automatically. Since I haven't cruised with the Key program, I can't confirm how this switch is validated. The option to switch the lunch to free room service is a great perk! Hopefully, it's a simple phone call and RCL will add it to your booking! I hope you have a lovely cruise. Which ship will you be cruising on? 

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@curlygirl2424 I have heard about the option to opt for the room service instead!


I definitely think a call to the cruise line is appropriate, but I also think, once onboard, this adjustment can be made. 

It may be considered an upgrade based on your particular itinerary, so I would ensure your itinerary qualifies for it! I wouldn't want you to miss out on the scrumptious lunch and the room service option.image.thumb.png.11d5a93236f60a2fcc5e667daeda27bb.png

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@curlygirl2424 Were you able to confirm this Key benefit? I think many guests would love to switch the luncheon to free room service, especially for longer itineraries.  Odyssey of the Seas is a lovely ship! Will this be your first time cruising on it? The ship offers endless amenities and the colorful decor feels like vacation to me. Hopefully you get to encounter a robot bartender onboard!


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