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Princess Cruises Guests Reminded of Visa Paperwork Needs

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@Aquainst1 Did you receive this information for an upcoming itinerary? I always have such an issue with cruise lines and necessary documents. When you call cruise lines they always play devil's advocate and give you the runaround. I know it's not their job to know every location's exact details and travel requirements, but it would be nice if they gave some guidance. I always feel at a loss with visas and necessary documentation. For traveling in the Caribbean, my US passport has been good enough thankfully, but I wouldn't even know where to start with other countries' visa processes. Does your travel agent typically assist you with getting all of those documents taken care of ahead of time? I never use a travel agent and always book directly through the cruise website. 

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@FJB I didn't even think about opting for a travel agent. From your experience, does a travel agent charge more money for the cruise than if you book directly with the cruise line @Aquainst1? I like receiving information about my cruise directly to my email, going through a third party just seems like an extra step. I guess if they are helping you with travel documents, then it's worthwhile. Sometimes visas take forever to get. If you don't receive your visa by your embarkation date, are you still able to hop on the cruise? I was under the impression if you don't receive the visa in time you can still hop onboard your cruise, but you can't get off at the supposed port of call without the mandated visa. 

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