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Which Cruise Line Has the Best Ice Cream/Gelato?


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Which cruise line has the best ice cream or gelato to date? Please share your personal experience below. I'm going with MSC Cruises because not only the gelato is spectacular but so are the flavor options and the fresh cones! The last time I was on MSC Armonia, unlimited gelato was included for guests. From what I have seen, all of the other fleet members don't offer this perk, so I was truly blessed during that sailing! 

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@Woody14 I have heard Celebrity Cruises' ice cream is really delicious, but I have yet to try it! RCL's Ben and Jerry's is great but won't be as prominent onboard the fleet anymore. Call me crazy but I'm a lover of CCL's soft serve. It's almost nostalgic to me. I grew up cruising with the line and watching it melt on the pool deck. That unlimited soft serve just doesn't compare. 

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@FJB I'm so curious if Celebrity Cruises makes ice cream onboard each of its fleet members. This is such a perk to me! To top it all off it's free. You may have just sold me on the line. I'm assuming the After Eight flavor is chocolate mint. That's my favorite too! Do they have special flavors each day? My mouth is watering just thinking about this homemade ice cream! I have to get my hands on some.

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