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Would love to know your thoughts on this...  When I accepted my future cruise credit, this was at a time where you could get off the ship and not be required to do Royal Caribbean's excursions.  Then, the policy changed when Italy would not let passengers off the ship unless they were on a Royal Caribbean booked excursion. Excursions in Europe were anywhere from $150-$350 per person. 

I am sorry, but I paid for a vacation where I can get off the ship where I do not need to spend additional funds. Now this changed, and I would pretty much have to spend $1,000 in excursions, per person, to enjoy these places that I paid to go to. 

I honestly want my money back. Because of Covid, I lost my job and the new job I took had a $6,500 pay cut. I cannot afford to pay for these additional excursions and I just want my money back. I'm 33, and have been traveling on Royal Caribbean ships since I was 6 years old. I am disappointed  with the way Royal Caribbean is handling this, as I'm sure many of you are just as disappointed as I am. If they were to give me my money back, I would surely sail with them in the future, but after this debacle I will never give them my money again. 

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Hey @South Florida Girly, very sorry about your situation, I guess when it comes to the ports it's really out of the cruise line's hands. I bet a lot of it is decided by the local authorities in Italy. It's just the current situation with many cruises at the moment. How many excursions are available? Could try reducing the number you do to save the cost.

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Thanks for your feedback. I understand it is up to each port, however, this is a situation where the cruise line needs to be flexible in issuing refunds. You mentioned reducing the amount of excursions, but that would mean when I visit a port, I remain on the cruise which is not what I'd like to do while I'm visiting Europe. 

When going to Capri, I was looking forward to going to the Blue Grotto and Faraglioni rocks. The excursions to Capri did not offer this. It offered a visit to a garden. 

When going to La Spezia, they had Cinque Terre as an excursion for $300 a person. I had planned to do Cinque Terre on my own for a $25.00 train ride, visiting the 3 fishing villages I wanted. Planned on having lunch at a place I was looking forward to for three years. That's a no no as you need to remain with the group.... 

I am sorry, but I should not have to spend additional money on things I do not want to do, and if I am making the long trip from the USA to Europe, I want to do the things I want and not be chaperoned through them or be expected to pay additional funds to get off in a port I paid to go to. 

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