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Hi,  I live in Brisbane Australia.  I would love to know why they don't dock at Hamilton Brisbane.

Why they continually use the Brisbane Cruise Terminal, which is miles from anywhere, bad transport. Stinks to high heaven, it's next to water plant.

I understand the bigger ships can't get under the bridge. But Hamilton was purpose built for cruise lines.  There are food shops, great walking paths, connections to get to other places ie ferries & Buses.

Something needs to be done..

Brisbane international Cruise Terminal is an embarrassment to Australia.

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@Julie L That's a great question! I think you may have answered your question in this post; I do believe it's very likely cruise ships don't typically dock at Hamilton Brisbane due to the larger ships not being able to make it under the bridge. I would love to say I have explored Hamilton Brisbane, but I have not. It sounds absolutely lovely, and I would agree cruise lines should give it a shot. It surely sounds significantly better than the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal!

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@Julie L That's a great question! I would imagine many cruise guests would love to experience Hamilton Brisbane. I'm not exactly sure why it isn't as popular as the Brisbane Cruise Terminal. It's probably due to the accessibility and proximity to the more well-known attractions. I personally prefer the more quaint ports of call, but I bet cruise lines will start catching on to this hidden gem port and begin stopping there more often. I also foresee the region expanding in terms of guests stopping there. That region is rapidly growing in popularity!  

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@Julie L Hopefully more cruise ships get to stop at Hamilton Brisbane. I have seen cruise itineraries that stop there, and it sounds like a better alternative. Once the secret gets out, there is no turning back. Hidden gem ports of call grow in popularity quite quickly. Once word gets out, the locals are going to wish they never discovered their hidden gem! 

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