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Does anyone have tips for keeping their clothes from getting wrinkled and cleaned while cruising? I have seen the ironing services on board, but it takes time for the clothes to come back and isn't cheap. I wish I could iron my own clothes on the ship, but I know it's a fire hazard. Recently I have cruised with MSC Cruises, and I was unable to locate a laundry facility. Years ago I cruised with CCL, and I remember being able to do a load of laundry in a communal laundry spot. I'm assuming not all cruise ships offer a location where guests can wash their clothes. Since I exercise onboard, I prefer to wash my exercise clothes relatively quickly, even while on vacation.

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@Emrys Thanks for the tip! I will try that on my upcoming cruise. It's essentially a little steam room. I love the idea!

@FJB I'm not big into ironing, but I do like my clothes to look wrinkle-free. After they sit in a suitcase for a long time they tend to get creased in all the wrong places. Winkle-free clothes are the best for traveling, but not all of my favorite dresses are wrinkle-free. Ironing underwear is such a waste, of money and time. I'm not sure pole dancers wear underwear that often, but I haven't seen one on active duty before.

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@FJB You could always use a garment bag to keep your clothes flat. The downside to that is you have to carry it around and keep those garments on a hanger. How do you typically keep your shirts from getting wrinkled? Even a simple cotton shirt can get pretty wrinkled in a duffle bag. I usually find that folding in half and then rolling works best to keep the creases out. This technique's effectiveness all depends on the fabric type.

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