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Credit Card Fraud

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CCL guests have been arrested for credit card fraud. This is such a shame, but I'm very glad they were caught. It's always safer to use a credit card rather than a debit card while traveling! Thankfully I haven't encountered any credit fraud on a cruise. Have you? 



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@Kendall James-Vargas  I've fortunately never been the victim of credit card fraud.  However, someone did open an account in my name and then never paid the bill causing my credit rating to plunge for awhile.  It took me forever to get that unraveled.

There seems to be no shortage of people who are bent on thinking up ways to cheat other people to serve their own greed and get something for free.  But, like the recent art theft, it's really stupid to do this on a ship.  Where are you going to go to escape?  You are bound to get caught.  Was it really worth it in the end?

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@RoadTravelled That is such a shame! Credit cards are more secure than debit cards when it comes to fraud, but rebounding from fraudulent activity is never easy. I too have had my card compromised. It's all mostly due to online fraud. I have encountered a gas station stealing my card information, but I noticed the payment and was able to defer it immediately. It's so important to keep an eye on your card activity on the phone app daily. If you wait too long, it takes even longer to resolve the issue! 

I can't agree more! The art heist was just sheer stupidity. It seems like just a novice cruiser decision. Thankfully, I don't have any impulses/desires to steal things but art on a cruise ship is the worst plan ever. There is no way a piece of art was worth it. I don't think breaking the law is ever worth it. I prefer to play by the rules. 

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