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Stolen Art

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Two Carnival Legend guests stole about $13,000 worth of art, and they have been under FBI investigation due to the crime. Neither of them have been charged with thefts but they were caught on tape. I'm not sure how they thought they could get away with this art heist due to all of the ship's security, but clearly, it was a failure.


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Wow, I agree.  I have no idea why they thought this brazen theft would go unnoticed.  It's not like CCL doesn't know every single person onboard at the time AND have their picture to compare with the security cameras.  Pretty dumb.  And, since this was a grand theft on the high seas, I'm guessing that's why the FBI got involved, meaning this could be a serious federal crime?

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@RoadTravelled That's right! Cruise lines have their security teams and holding areas. It's almost impossible to get away with anything on a cruise ship. It's pretty safe and that's one thing I love about the cruise experience! It should totally be a serious federal crime. Artwork isn't something small to steal either. These were clearly not experienced heists. 

Here is some good info on what the security team does onboard a cruise ship for those who are interested. 



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@RoadTravelled The whole heist just seemed too unplanned! For those who don't know, cruise lines are always watching. The security onboard cruise ships is way better than you would expect and everything is closely monitored. It doesn't seem like that when everyone is so nonchalantly having a good time, but the security team is on the ball. Guests are kept very safe while cruising, and that's something I appreciate so much about the cruise experience. I loved reading the article. It was super informative. A pro tip here is, don't steal anything on a cruise ship (or anywhere for that matter). You will almost certainly get caught, and the consequences will be brutal. 

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