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Vet benefits and shareholder benefits disallowed

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For many years I have been using both veterans benefits and carnival shareholder benefits until my most recent booking on princess cruise lines.

I was just told that carnival Corp. is disallowing both benefits to be used on any one booking.

Does anyone know if this is true or false?

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@JayD I wish I could confirm or deny this. It's hard for me to believe that Carnival Corporation wouldn't allow those two perks to be used in unison. Where did you hear this information from? I would call the cruise line to confirm this statement. Please let me know once you have an answer. I'm intrigued to hear the outcome. I would be surprised if Carnival Corporation removed this benefit. 

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@SpaceCowboy9 Thanks for clarifying that. Considering the minimal discount veterans get, I don't see why CCL would prevent guests from combining those two perks. Oftentimes you have to book through the line directly, likely via phone, in order to get all of those discounts properly added to the booking. I find booking online a bit more challenging to get the value and package I'm looking for. Customer service agents can be more knowledgeable when choosing a stateroom too. 

I had no idea that the shareholder benefit is an onboard credit. I'm surprised it isn't just deducted off of the final cruise amount. That's news to me. How is CCL changing the shareholder application process? Is it becoming more exclusive? 

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@JayD In fact, I believe your statement is correct. I can not personally confirm this, but I do think the combination of these two CCL incentives is no longer applicable. The shareholder incentive is usually greater than that of the Veteran's benefit so I would utilize the one that is of greater benefit to you. You can always call the cruise line directly to confirm this change. Please let me know if you receive a direct answer from CCL confirming this information is true and accurate. 

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