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Vifp platinum and diamond gift

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6 hours ago, cruise granny sj said:

Hello, does anyone know if the vifp gift has changed from the fanny pack to a different bag?

@cruise granny sj John Heald, CCL Brand Ambassador, on his page announced earlier this month that they are changing to a toiletry bag.  He has a pic of it there.  He indicated that some of the ships already have them and in the next couple of weeks they should be rolled out to the fleet.  We sailed on the Venezia in mid-September and got the fanny pack.  I wish I knew someone who wants 2 of these as we use day-packs instead.  I thought of finding a first-time CCL cruiser (blue card) and offering it to them, but didn't know how to really approach that.  Oh well, I guess I'll just keep them for now.

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Thanks for your info. My husband and I have several of the fanny packs already. We are sailing the end of November and hoping for a new bag in the series. We often invite family or friends to cruise with us, and I put together gift bags of my extra Carnival gifts (coozies, fanny pack, luggage tag, etc) to give to them when they sail with us.

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@RoadTravelled You are in the know! Thanks for confirming the bag change. After many fanny packs, I'm sure guests are excited about this toiletry bag change. You should probably resell the unused bags and make a bit of a profit!

@cruise granny sj Well I want to cruise with you! You sound like the life of the party. That's such a nice idea to make gift bags for your cruise crew! For my next cruise, you have inspired me to go above and beyond. I want to try making matching shirts for our crew. Have you done that before? 

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@cruise granny sj I, too, have seen some memorable ones onboard a few of my recent cruises. I wouldn't go through all the effort if it's just my immediate family cruising but for a larger trip with friends, I will absolutely give it a try. What do you typically give as gifts to your crew? Also, once you receive your new bag, I would love it if you would be able to share it with the group! I always enjoy seeing the new gifts. 

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