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A Cruise To Nowhere

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4 hours ago, Kendall James-Vargas said:

Carnival Venezia recently sailed a cruise to nowhere due to Tropical Storm Tammy. How would you feel if you didn't even get off at one port? I would feel bummed, but on the bright side, guests got to enjoy the beautiful ship! It was a 5-day itinerary. That is a long time to be on a ship without the option to disembark.


@Kendall James-Vargas  We just recently finished a cruise on the Venezia from NYC to Canada.  She is a beautiful ship and it was a joy to experience the "Italian Style" fun.  She's a big ship but not overly so.  It has a real "upgrade" feel over the counterpart Vista class ships we have sailed.  We especially enjoyed our meal at the specialty restaurant Il Viagio.

Last year we did a transatlantic crossing that was 5 days at sea.  It was quite relaxing and we always found a lot to do and really enjoyed the trip.  I think the difference here is that is not what passengers signed-up for so the expectation was different.  I imagine then that disappointment would kick in.  But, if you just realize it is part of the cruising experience, and make the most of it, it will work.  And, it looks like Carnival is doing the right thing with giving everyone generous OBC and FCC's.  So, there's worse things in life.

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While for me a cruise to no where would not be my thing, I have met many people on board various ships that don't get off in any ports so essentially a cruise to no where by choice.  So there is a market for this.


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@RoadTravelled Thanks for this feedback! I love reading your perspective as someone who recently cruised onboard Carnival Venezia. I think you nailed it on the head. Guests onboard this sailing didn't expect to cruise to nowhere. I can see how someone, like yourself, who is prepared to cross the Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful Carnival Venezia, would be able to enjoy 5 days onboard the ship joyously. Thankfully, CCL is really good about generously compensating guests for mishappenings, unlike other cruise lines. 

@Woody14 I completely agree. It's not really my favorite to cruise to nowhere, but I wouldn't be upset to be onboard Carnival Venezia. It's a beautiful ship! 


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