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Terrence Arthur

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This is for the man that amputated his index finger.  Make sure that no one has opened the cabin door at the  same time, that is a big problem people have done in the past. This for September 2023,and don't wait 2 years to seek council just say'n.

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@Terry You rock for this comment. I agree this is almost ridiculous. Everyone knows you can't leave your fingers in a doorway. It's common sense. The only way to avoid this issue is truly to have no secure balcony cabin doors. Why did a take a year for this lawsuit to come to fruition anyways? Some people are just looking for a handout. I'm sad about the finger loss; that's intense, but I don't think it's a viable lawsuit. 



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@FJB  That would be great; no doors allowed on cruise ships and no privacy for anyone. I just don't understand why people aren't more cautious. There has to be more to the story.

@euroguy I have seen signs too! You have to use common sense. Like I tell my children, never leave your fingers in any doorway. Car doors can do the same thing. I have had the wind slam a car door on me before! I have also had the wind slam my car door open to hit a car parked next to me. That was super unfortunate. 

The "I can read" comment is fabulous. That could be the missing link to the story here. 

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