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@euroguy Those prices make me want to get up and go now! It would make great sense if you could sublease it occasionally. I'm seeing more and more unique live-at-sea experiences lately! Maybe it's a sign.




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@euroguy If you could purchase one at a decent rate and rent it out part of the year, it could be a super cool living situation! Down the road, I wouldn't be surprised if you told us you were choosing to purchase one. Why not do what you love more often than not? I bet subleasing the room could be quite lucrative. I would love to rent for a month and try it out. I can be your first tenant!

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@Kendall James-Vargas 😆 I will keep.you on my speed dial. I'm no slumloard so be prepared. 

I'm thinking living on board full time might be challenging but I could be wrong. The longest cruise I've been on was 10 days and loved it as i felt i had ample time to truly enjoy the ship and its offerings in a non rushed way but was also at the same time sorta ready to get back home. Of course I was not in the mind set of it was my new home and didn't treat it as such.

With more ships coming out for living though does bring to the thought of doing it and I suppose also nearing retirement i think about what life will be like as not having to go to work and wanting to enjoy my remaining years experiencing things a bit slower and in a different light.

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@euroguy As long as it's clean and priced right, I'm sure it would easily rent out! I would love a 10-18-day cruise. I found an amazing transatlantic RCL itinerary for 2024, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. It's a 16-night itinerary and the price is so good! If I'm still thinking about it this much, I may book it sooner than later. 

Living onboard a ship would be very different. I think the biggest struggle would be to keep it tidy. I wonder if these rooms come with daily housekeeping. That would be so nice.

Yes, I think slowing down is key. Life can be so hectic. After working so hard for so many years, you are deserving of a peaceful retired life. I can imagine a retired person's mindset shifts too. It's all about enjoying your life and relaxing when possible. That's the end goal for most!

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@RoadTravelled This couple's life is my retirement dream! I would love to be able to live this lifestyle. It can be more affordable in the scheme of things. Traveling the world this way just makes sense to me. The only issues I would have with this lifestyle would be the question of healthcare and coverage onboard. Any sort of medical necessity onboard is not usually covered by insurance and can be quite expensive! 

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