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There is a first time for everything! I am now "in the know" about Party Banas!

Carnival Cruise Line has announced it will offer Party Banas, inflatable floating mats, for guests visiting Half Moon Cay. I would totally consider booking one for my family as they accommodate up to 6 guests! 

Not only will CCL offer Party Banas but it will also offer Picnic Banas, a platform for fun events on the sea! Would anyone be interested in booking one of these new additions? image.thumb.png.1bf1fcc515d4040083096505c4766623.png


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Not a chance! CCL is charging up the you know what to rent them. But I suppose a group of sic 20 year Olds will find the need, spend the money drink like fish and probably have to be rescued.  Hate to be the one to ask the question ....Wonder how long will take for someone to drown after drinking to much and falling off into the water.

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@euroguy This is very true! I would imagine excess drinking and any sort of water activity doesn't sound so safe. Hopefully, CCL has guests signing waivers to ensure the line is protected. I believe the Party Banas are going to be rented out in designated lifeguarded areas for extra safety. That's what would make the most sense. I do think these Party Banas are going to be a big money-maker for the line, but I understand if they don't appeal to you. It's definitely more of a lazy vacation amenity. From what I know about you, you would probably opt for more adventure, like a jet ski, instead! 

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