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cruse lines no longer require a COVID test before boarding.  We took the 16 day cruise to HAWAII.  We stared noticing small balcony tables across cabin doors.  As the cruise progressed we saw more and more tables in front of cabin doors.  Finally found out those cabins had COVID patients on board.  Needless to say the day we landed my husband and I had sore throats.  Next morning we both tested with COVID.  This would not have happened if cruisers had take the COVID test before boarding.

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@Lillian Barreiro These cruising regulations have definitely changed over the past year, relaxing for the most part. It's such a bummer you contracted this virus, and I hope everyone has since recovered! After cruising with such stringent rules in the past, I am quite relieved that the rules have relaxed some. I understand your frustration, but I recommend that if you are still concerned about contracting any illness while traveling you use extra safety precautions! Even though others may not be doing the same, you can certainly take extra measures to protect yourself. In fact, I'm pretty relaxed with germs, but before and oftentimes during travel I'm cautious to sanitize more frequently and mask when in areas of high congestion or recirculating air. Usually, I wouldn't wear a mask to urgent care but this past weekend I did because I was about to travel. I wouldn't want to postpone my travel due to sickness!

image.png.2bdd62d7b1f9cd1927be1efa4aaf2262.png https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-ship-illness-how-to-protect-yourself/42603

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