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Next 2 cruises set & stole them

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Be forwarded this information may cause side eccects of: spikes in body temperature, shock, gasping for oxygen, eye bulging, mouth opening and head shaking.ūü§™

As the title says I basically stole my next 2 cruises, much thanks to my CCL Personal Assistant and Casino.

Cruise #1 solo traveler.

February 24, 2024

Mardi Gras - Eastern Caribbean 7 day full size balcony cabin mid ship.

Free drinks everywhere on the ship, which includes cocktails, wine, specialty drinks, specialty coffee, sodas, bottled water, juices. Basically anything I want wherever i want.

$700 with $200 on board credit, $200 casino credit, NET COST $300

Cruise #2

Solo traveler 

September 7, 2024

Firezene - New Ship -  Mexican Riviera 7 day full size balcony cabin mid ship

Free drinks everywhere on the ship, which includes cocktails, wine, specialty drinks, specialty coffee, sodas, bottled water,  juices. Basically anything I want wherever i want.

$1,686 with $1,500 on board ship credit, which I can use for pretty much anything ship related i.e.  dining, ship shopping, excursions, specialty dining gratuities and yes even for casino gambling ...NET COST $186

yes deals are to be had despite ships being sold out. 

Additionally I will get to experience the new  MDR menu which I have seen and looks promising. 


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@euroguy I gasped! These are remarkable steals; your title was spot on. I love that you were able to get both of these great ships and their very diverse itinerary options as well. I can't wait to read your review of the new menu. I hope you get photos of the menu for us too! I like the way these itineraries are spaced out too. Both dates are really great times of year for visiting those regions. I will be cruising the Western Caribbean in February too with MSC Cruises. It's a good choice to cruise those regions that time of year. That Mardi Gras itinerary isn't going to disappoint. Are you going to any ports of call as a first-time guest? image.thumb.png.47a1ab97e402e7f2fefdf50e32a4a89f.png

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@Kendall James-Vargas interestingly the cruise in February I could not find that price anywhere but my CCL Personal Assistant was able to get it and book me on it at that rate along with the credits and free drinks everywhere on the ship. 

I have not been to any of the ports that I will be going to and looking forward to exploring what's to be seen. 

I'm happy to hear you're headed out in February as well, I'm sure you will enjoy the trip. Are you visiting any new ports??

Who knows maybe one day we will end up on the same cruise... wouldn't that be a hoot!! I could me you and the family in person.

I'm sure are learning I'm pretty strategic about where and when I cruise different locations, love love love shoulder season months.

If I'm being honest I wish I could be on a cruise every month or jumping from one ship to another back to back but that will need to wait until a few more years....sigh 

It sounds like you really like MSC or is it you've reached a good loyalty level and get nice benifits.?

Yes I will be reviewing the menu and letting you all know how it is. The Mardi Gras has so many restaurants and food choices I'm not sure how many I will be able to sample in 7 days but I will try my best to be an over achiever¬†ūü§™


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@euroguy I just love your personal assistant. I want one for myself. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm as valuable to the line as you are. That's so wonderful! You will be going to completely new ports of call. This ship, plus a new itinerary, is going to equal one of your favorite cruises. Since I know you love nature and exploring, I hope you take the time to book some active excursions! Which Eastern Caribbean stops will you be making? I have been to almost all Caribbean ports.

Unfortunately no; all of the ports I'm visiting for that birthday cruise won't be new to me. In fact, I have even been on that ship once before. 

So far I have been super pleased with my MSC Cruises' benefits. The only thing. I wish I had laundry service and priority embarkation. I'm getting close to priority embarkation. 

Yes, Mardi Gras does have a great selection of dining options! It also has lots of bar options too. Do you enjoy dining in the MDR for breakfast or are you usually a morning buffet person? Do you have any specialty restaurant reservations for this itinerary yet? 

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I will be going to San Juan, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove.  No I will not be hanging out at the CCL pools and cabanas in Amber Cove, I will find something more genuine to see for the location....maybe snorkeling or town or country side... not sure yet still figuring it all out  I don't need to sit around a pool and drink. 

The itinerary was not really on my list of places to go, but for the price and the ship it serves its purposes. I think southern carribean might be nice  be nice. Like curacao, LA Romana, Bonaire. These could be future trip.

As for breakfast I have not been that impressed with the MDR, perhaps the new ship and menu might be better. Usually I eat a pretty light breakfast.

Specialty dining I have already booked the bonsai cook at the table for you, did that on the Panorama and was good and entertaining, @RoadTravelled¬†has highly recommended I try Rudies seafood, he twisted my arm¬†ūüėÖ¬†so i booked it, so now as he put it waiting to read my review and crossing his fingers. I might have to send him my paypal act info for reimbursement..just kidding oh and i love sushi and years ago took a sushi making class so i sighned up for the shushi class on a sea day.

Inwould imagine with young ones laundry service would be a practical and well used service for you. Are you getting close to getting that?

Hopefully MSC sees the valurkebin you and you get your own personal assistant... I do enjoy having one and she has earned her keep.  When booking these 2 up coming trips I was on the phone with her for 2 hours, when she pulled the rabbit out of the hat for the Mardi Gras.. the price was crazy and not an advertised one....think about it a very new ship, 7 days full size balcony cabin mid ship unobstructed solo traveler $700 with $400 in comps/ship money net $300 cost. $700 for a solo in balcony is nuts, as solo usually pays double i.e. double occupancy rate. Crazy...my head is still spinning on that one. 

So what ports are you visiting and what ship for your bday? Are you doing any specialty dining? 

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@euroguy I just visited San Juan recently, and I loved it. It's such an amazing stop and it feels much like home. The currency and primary languages (English and Spanish) make it super easy to navigate. Your cell service will work and even the common ways to get around in the U.S. work there, like Uber and Lyft. My Uber driver took me to a little beach spot that had an amazing area to snorkel and the cost to get there was less than $20 each way. I didn't even have to pay for anything at the beach and brought my own water, snack, towel, and gear. Playita del Condado is what pulled up on my phone! The water was so beautiful, and I saw about 20 different types of fish without having to swim out far at all.

I always enjoy the MDR for breakfast if I can get up in time! I enjoy not having to wait in the buffet lines. Maybe you will give it a try one of the mornings.

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