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Record Profits, Record Bookings Into The Future, Record Debt Retirement, Stock Dropping Like The Proverbial Rock

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How strange that everything is rosy according to Carnival's CEO. So what is wrong wth the stock? Reported today in Cruise Hive News that records have been recorded in every facet of the Carnival operation. While the CEO and other officers are going to rake in huge performance bonuses,we stockholders are taking a bath. A little help please!

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Well, it’s every CEO’s job to report that everything is rosy.

Yes, CCL had an outstanding quarter by all counts. However, one day doesn’t make a trend, so come Monday the stock may be up, flat or down. I believe what spooked the market today is that CCL forecast (revenue and income) for next quarter is much lower than this quarter. The Markets just don’t like downward forecasts. The debt load is still horrendous. I personally am no longer invested in CCL stock.

It you’re in it for the long term, sit tight. If volatility troubles you, get out of individual stocks.

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As @kefthecruiser rightly says, if you are into individual stocks, you have to be in it for the long-term — one day or even one week does not make a trend.  Look to the overall arc over time.  This stock is a day trader's dream.  They are banking on big swings and volatility which is how they make their money.  We are looking for long term gains and cruise benefits (OBC for each cruise)...two different motivations.

You only are "taking a bath" as a stockholder, as @Tootie expresses it, if you sell the stock lower than you paid for it.  Until then, it's just money on paper and not real.  Same thing with gains.

Today's market was volatile across many segments, partly due to the uncertain government shut-down effects.  Remember, the stock market reacts under only 2 basic principles — fear and greed.  Today was a fear day.

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