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Reading a good book is one of the joys of life for me. I haven’t had much time to read for pleasure in the past few years, so was looking forward to visiting the library on my recent MSC Cruise- especially as there were quite a few sea days. Unfortunately the library was gone and there were only a few books under the counter at reception available to read. I did manage to find a few good reads and even donated a few books here and there  I'd bought along the way. Books tend to be bulky in a suitcase so it's great to be able to borrow on-board. There are more than enough places to buy alcohol on the cruise ships! But there's nowhere to sit quietly and read or play board games away from the general melee. Even a small library would be much appreciated and better than none. And I did notice others rummaging through the book box when I passed by reception,  so I'm sure there's demand.

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@Merry This lack of books and the vanishing of libraries is such a testament to the times. Everyone uses e-books now! Those who actually enjoy reading usually own an electronic reading device. They are light, easy to use, portable, and have so many options! I see the value and the love for reading physical books, but they aren't as common anymore. It's sad, but cruise lines are always trying to keep up with the latest trends and catering to mass interest. Unfortunately, reading physical copies of literature for leisure is fading away. I think the quiet space should be available onboard. It's nice to get away from the chaos onboard sometimes. I remember board games being available in the onboard libraries too. Unfortunately, those things are just fading away.

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