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Carnival Rolls Out New Menu

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The well-anticipated CCL menu rollout is now live onboard two ships featuring some cool vegan additions. Although I'm not vegan and would prefer some new non-vegan items, I'm glad CCL is moving in the right direction, enhancing its menu options. What are your thoughts on this new menu rollout? The vegan desserts don't sound half bad, but the plant-based salmon sounds odd. image.thumb.png.e99da0b4d2818a46805df7ac29657520.png

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@Cruising Caribbean i would pass on most vegan dishes.  no offense to vegans and yes i am/was very aware of vegan diets/meals etc. as I dated one for a while, to each their own. 

I am anxious to see what is on the new menu and have the opportunity to experience it. Hopefully someone has and will enlighten everyone what to expect and what's good v yuk ☺️ 

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@euroguy I would totally prefer a carnivorous menu over a vegan menu, but I would try some of the options! The vegan cheese and meat don't excite me, but a vegan chocolate dessert doesn't sound half bad. I have used coconut cream for baking in the past and it has a nice creamy texture. It isn't dairy but it does have plenty of flavor. Dating a vegan must have been intense! Did you try being vegan yourself? Going out to "normal" restaurants must have been a challenge. I guess the vegan lifestyle is still very popular. I like bacon too much to consider converting.

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