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Removal of Library on Cruise Ships

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I recently took a cruise on Carnival's Horizon. I searched high and low for a quiet space to read and to pray. Everywhere I went on the funship there was music, and fun. I struggled to just find a place of peace. Finally, I stumbled on the library. I was able to read my bible, pray and center myself. Without the library this would have been next to impossible. Staying in the cabin can be challenging. There are bars everywhere on the ships. Life is about balance. There should be a place for everyone on the funship, even those who just want to stop and chill. The removal of libraries dismisses the fact people often work on vacation. If everybody is partying and drinking, where can people go to work in peace? Where can a passenger go to get away from the kids that swarm on cruises. Please don't remove the library!!!





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@Rochelle on my last cruise i was not one of the ones looking for a quiet place to hang out however, as I walked about the ship during the day and evening I did see some lounges not in use for entertainment which had a lot of seating and was mostly quiet which might work for you.

The days of libraries and cigar bars are a thing of the past and long gone Era, at least from what I can see from CCL.

I wish you the best

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@Rochelle I just responded to @Merry about this same topic! The demand for onboard libraries is fading, especially for those adventure-focused, mega-ship cruise lines. I wish the libraries would stay, but they are one of the most unused spaces on the ships, including some of the sun decks. The bars onboard are always busy and that speaks to the evolving cruise culture. You may need to explore other cruise lines that cater to your interests. The major U.S.-based cruise lines I have been sailing with recently either have a highly unused library or no library at all. It's a shame because a quiet space is really nice to have onboard, but e-books are more popular than physical copies nowadays. 

@euroguy I agree with that! Those days are fleeting, onboard libraries are becoming a thing of the past.

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@Rochelle It's such a shame to say that the libraries are fading out as @euroguy mentioned. If you prefer a more quiet, cultured ambiance, I don't think CCL is the cruise line for you. You could always opt for a thermal suite or spa pass that will allow you to have a calm, relaxing space for reading or decompressing. The smaller cruise lines and less family-geared cruise lines would likely keep their libraries onboard longer than RCL and CCL, for instance. 

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