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Karen Parsons

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On the Carnival Venezia around midnight last night, there was a helicopter flying around the ship shining a light in the water. We were on deck 8 in a balcony room and it was right outside our cabin. Does anybody know what happened?  

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@KJP I saw this news article about Carnival Paradise and two women being struck by a hit-and-run. https://www.cruisehive.com/two-cruise-passengers-left-in-mexico-after-accident/110832

The only news I about Hurricane Lee and its effect on one of Carnival Venezia's recent itineraries. Do you have updates on the helicopter? I'm super intrigued now! 


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This is another prime example of why i always travel with a passport on cruise ship visiting foriegn ports and purchase travel insurance separate from my credit card.  Yes I purchase my cruise with a credit card that provides free travel insurance. The reason is one may cover more or different items from the other.

Additionally when traveling to foreign lands I always register with the U.S. Department of State. When you do this it asks for itinerary, passport info emergency contacts and other information. Yes it take a few extra minutes but when in need of assistance you have set yourself up for success by being proactive v reactive.

Fortunately I have never had any reasons to utilize any safe guards but just in case it's all set up.

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@euroguy I wouldn't travel without my passport on a cruise ship. It doesn't matter what type of itinerary it is. I need to hear what credit card offers free travel insurance. Do you have to call ahead of time to schedule the insurance or does it automatically kick in? If this credit card offers cash-back rewards, I think I may be switching. I wonder if my card already offers this perk and I didn't even know about it! I only purchase vacation/travel options with a credit card. It's the safest way to do it! 

Could you also expand on registering with the U.S. Department of State? This sounds like a travel tip everyone should be utilizing. I'm all about proactive vs. reactive. I like your strategy! 

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@Kendall James-Vargas I've posted a new topic regarding the State Dept for everyone along with a link. 

As for the credit card I use is Capital One Venture One which is specifically geared towards travel and yes I also get reward points and you it for booking and excursions and other travel stuff i.e. ubur lyft dining events rental cars ... yes it covers all your rental car insurance needs as well (automatically) they sent me a link to all the stuff it covers and I was blown away. Flight delay hotels and meals lost luggage, I think if I recall even extended warranty on purches. 

And you are correct always travel with passport. 

Another great travel tip: TSA PRE CHECK, worth its weight in gold. I fly through tsa check points don't have to take my shoes or belt off no full body scans etc. I usually can get through tsa screening in less than 5 minutes, the only exception was Seattle which took about 15 minutes but had a lot of people, however the standard line which I saw was horrific and would have been 1 - 1.5 hours.

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