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Victoria B.C. port stop & Seattle Poert Valet

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I realized a couple things that forgot to let people know regarding Victoria and Seattle Port Valet.


We docked at 8p.m. and dearted at midnight, which from what I see is the norm for CCL doing the Juneau Skagway Ketchikan route.

1st and foremost what ever you do NOT book any excursions from the ship for Victoria. Additionally do NOT hire one of the pedi cabs as both are outrageously priced at $90 USD per person and up. The best way to get to downtown is at the taxi station right next to the horse and buggy and independent pedi cabs. To take a rwgular taxi cab is $13 Cnd, but if use a U.S. Credit card the exchange rate brings the cost to $10. Additionally the taxi fee is per car not per person. Have them drop you are the British parliament building. You will be able take lots of pics , walk across the street to the water fountain park which is a great photo spot, short walk to empress hotel and small harbor then short walk up government street to lots of souvenir shops and some yummy ice cream shops too. Lots of taxis to take you back to the ship yep only $10. It's all a very easy walk and fun stuff to see and felt very safe.

I would have loved to go to the fisherman's warf which is close to the cruise ship but by 8pm everything is closed and to dark to take an great pics of the colorful floating homes and blogs.

Seattle Port Valet Svc for Luggage

I am happy to report it worked really well and my bags made it on my flight and got my bags when i landed. It was really nice not having to lug my bags around when I got to seattle so I could spend some time exploring before my flight. 

Unfortunately CCL requires you to opt in for this service on ship.and can not do it in advance which is stated on Seattle velat service web site. All other cruise lines you can set up in advance. 

With that said you will receive a paper/letter in your cabin regarding the service couple nights before hand and was easy to fill out. On the last night before putting out your bags you will receive luggage tags and boarding pass for airline. Put you bags in hallway and don't have to worry about them again until.you land at your final destination.  The other great thing about this service is it by passes over weight charges, yep that is right if you happen to buy few to many items and bag is over its weight limit per your airline rules it gets ignored if you use the port Valet service.

Frankly I really wish more ports had this service and the best part is, ITS 100% FREE

Because I used the port Valet service I was able to walk around the Pike Market, see the flying fish holds of flowers and lastly kerry park over look to get Seattle skyline pics.














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@euroguy I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful time onboard your cruise! Thanks for sharing these awesome shots. The city lights must have been so beautiful in person. I love how all of the flowers are in full bloom and the bouquets of flowers are so fun! I appreciate you giving us that money-saving hack, and I'm glad you felt safe everywhere you went. It would have been so nice for you to spend time at the wharf, but there is always next time. Fisherman's wharves are my favorite. Based on your review, I bet there will be a next time! How did this cruise compare to the itineraries you typically cruise? It must have been really nice to switch it up and try something new.

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@euroguy I will take a look at that review and its title as well! I appreciate the money savings because as you mentioned in your CCL gratuities post, the extra fees do add up quickly when cruising! Would you want to cruise Alaska again in the cooler seasons? It would be a completely difference experience. I'm not sure if you would want to rent a car and drive to Canada if snow was falling!

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@Kendall James-Vargas The only possibility to take another alskan cruise would be based on several deciding factors... if port times have been adjusted to allow better shore time and if the ports of call were different and less traveled and possibly a bit larger ship that offers more amenities.

Rwgarding going in cooler weather, Whites Pass which takes you into Canada from skagway receives over 15 feet of snow each year and closed many times. As beautiful as it might be to see I don't think that would be a smart travel plan be it on cruise or not.

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@euroguy I totally see your point about adjusted shore times. It's no fun to visit an exciting new place and have to feel rushed to explore it. What other amenities do you think you would have enjoyed that weren't offered on Carnival Luminosa? 

That's a good thought. I think the time of year you chose to visit these destinations was certainly ideal. Were you able to see any animals while out exploring in nature? The snow is lovely, but it takes a lot of gear and layering in order to make anyone comfortable. I wouldn't want to have to pack a snow bib and winter accessories just for a 6 hour stop.

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I saw 2 red fox's and got great pics of them on my digital camera I will see about transferring to my phone to send you pics. They where so close I could have fes them out of my hands if I wanted. Unfortunately I didn't see any bears, moose ... I kept calling Hey Bear!! But didn't help lol

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@euroguy That's awesome! Were the foxes relatively friendly? I have only seen a red for at the zoo, never in the wilderness! Probably better not to feed the fox, as you could attract some bears! That's too funny. I'm not sure "Hey Bear" is the right approach, but I'm not keen on attracting bears. I think incognito is the way to go. 

I was reading up on the best cruise lines for visiting Alaska and I stumbled across this article. https://www.cruisehive.com/best-cruise-line-for-alaska/102431#h-going-solo-to-alaska

Your experience seemed so grand but something about me really wants to take my first Alaskan cruise in the cooler months. A Seabourn Voyage sounds like the real deal experience to explore Alaska in the wintertime. I like the idea that this luxury line offers an all-included expedition experience so I wouldn't have to bring any extra gear along.

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