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Cocktails Gone Overboard?

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The luxury cruise line Swan Hellenic may have pushed it a little too far with its new cocktail creation. Martha Stewart's iceberg drink received tons of backlash. Do you think it was really necessary? I don't support the idea of harming the environment, but the iceberg drink seemed pretty "chill." I initially thought this innovative drink was pretty "cool!"

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I see nothing wrong with taking part of an iceberg to make a drink.  It’s just frozen water for goodness sake! No different than taking the salmon out of the water for your lox and bagels.  Some people like to get their panties in a wad just because. 

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@FJB You make a really valid point! In fact, the impact of harvesting salmon/ fishing them out of the water may be more significant than that of the iceberg drink. I'm pretty fine with regular ice. The iceberg thing is a little silly, but it is certainly creative! It's pretty eye appealing too. After this, I doubt we will be seeing more iceberg drinks any time soon.

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