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Letter that I just received from Princess regarding my upcoming (26th) cruise with Princess.  They are beginning to truly test my loyalty.


We wanted to let you know about updates we’ve made to our cruise experience to help you make the best choice for your upcoming voyage.

  • New charges for Alfredo’s and Gigi’s by Alfredo’s: We’re introducing new prix fixe casual dining options at some of our favorite restaurants like Planks, Steamers, Alfredo's, Gigi's by Alfredo, Ocean Terrace and Kai Sushi (availability may vary by ship). Alfredo's and Gigi's by Alfredo will now join these other locations in adding a nominal cover charge of $14.99 for the prix fixe meals, with a la carte items also available for purchase.
  • OceanNow® delivery: To ensure you can have whatever you need during your cruise delivered directly to you, a nominal access fee of $14.99 per guest per voyage will now apply to OceanNow delivery.
  • Room service fee: A $5 delivery fee will be charged for all room service orders (except complimentary stateroom breakfast orders).
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@Mike from Maine I'm so bummed Princess Cruises is beginning to test your loyalty. After cruising with the line over 26 times, you must have reached the top-tier loyalty status! These price increases are popping up left and right across all cruise lines. Which of these changes is most upsetting to you? The OceanNow service is one of the significant perks of cruising with Princess Cruises. It seems like the line is really trying to capitalize on that. 

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@FJB I wish! Princess Cruises does have decent menu options but I'm always excited for new items. I don't know why cruise lines don't switch it up more. Maybe they follow the saying, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." For avid cruisers, the repetitive food choices can get old pretty quickly. Prices for the onboard specialty restaurants are on the rise too. Cruise lines are trying to recover financially by increasing those prices. RCL's Portside BBQ restaurant has gone up by about 40%. That's a pretty big price increase.

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