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Royal Cribbean Policy Change with bringing Wine on board, 2 per room vs 1 per person

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What has been your experiences with attempting to bring wine on board to a Royal Caribbean ship since the change in policy that now states one per person instead of two per stateroom.   Has Security been strict with this change?  We cruised in May/2023 and I was able to bring two bottles of wine with me.  Just needed to say that I was traveling with my wife (who was not with me at the checkin) and they were ok with it.  Would like to know what others have experienced.   Thanks

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@Vince M That's a good question. While using the previous system, I never had an issue with bringing 2 at a time. I also love the idea that RCL still allows guests to bring one bottle of wine per person. I really value this policy because many of the wines I would purchase onboard aren't always up to par with some of my personal favorites. I would adventure to say that you won't have any issues bringing in 2 bottles for your stateroom but you do run the risk of them denying your second bottle. I wonder if the second bottle was denied if they could hold/store it instead of just chucking it in the trash.

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@RosaB63 I'm still seeing the one-per-person policy listed on RCL's website. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy

I also found that same information on Cruise Hive from March 2023. One bottle of wine per person sounds like the current RCL rule. 

@Vince M Where did you see two per stateroom? I always thought this was a per-person policy. 

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