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1 hour ago, Bowie said:

I was on the Dream in July with the new menu with a friend. We personally didn't like much of anything on it. Most didn't taste good either.  We thought the food was bad a year ago but it's worse now.  

No more frog legs? 

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@Bowie The food on standard cruise lines is just standard! If you want an enhanced culinary experience with CCL you should try their specialty or for a fee restaurants onboard. I recommend venturing out and spending a bit more onboard to get a heightened dining experience. The MDR and buffet were good enough for me the last time I went, but it's not the best food I have ever had. I don't expect top-notch for the price I pay with CCL, just good enough. In other news, CCL is rolling out a new food menu. More rollout dates have been released. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-confirms-fleetwide-new-menu-rollout-dates/108768

@FJB That's a throwback item! I would imagine CCL has done away with that by now.

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I was on Dream in January of '23 for a 50th anniversary cruise. My wife and I both thought the food was mediocre at best. While the service in the dining room was excellent, the offerings left something to be desired. While I'm a finicky eater, the Boss is not.

We also didn't care for the steakhouse based on 2 previous visits. Likewise, Bonsai Sushi was just horrible and was so disgusting on our last trip that we quickly passed it up as did our 6 traveling companions. We had 14 days of it and I was glad to get back and head to Lockhart for some world class Q.

I'm hoping the new menu will add some great choices. I ate a lot of pizza during the last trip and, while I love their pie, it would be nice to have a great meal. If it doesn't change for he better, there are several cruise lines leaving out of Galveston and after 100 days of Carnival, maybe it's time for a change

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