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Deceased spouse and Carnival takes away the deal from the surviving spouse

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My husband passed away suddenly in March after dealing with all the most important issues in May I followed up with Carnival on what I had to do to take his name off the cruise and get someone else on it.  I was told by the representative I use that it was his deal and I couldn't have it but could still have the cruise if I wanted to pay well over $1000 more.  So I inquired about a second cruise we had booked for next year to make sure I had the deal and was told I did.  To get the deposit back on the first cruise I had to send proof that he was deceased, which I did the next day when I told them I did not want to pay more for the cruise.  To date no refund of our deposit and today I was informed now that I don't have the deal for the second cruise and could keep it if I want to pay more again.  And they are working on what happened to my deposit refund.  Princess allowed me to keep my room on an upcoming cruise and sent back the deposit I had paid for husband with no proof of his death.  It seems like Princess cares more for it's guests that Carnival does.  Looks like to Carnival the way to treat a grieving spouse it to take away a deal on a cruise so they can make more money.  Warning to everyone, guess you need to be really careful how you book your cruises with Carnival but if your spouse dies and they had the deal go ahead and cancel all your cruises with them because you can't trust what you are told.



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@Brobmoz This makes me so incredibly sad. First off, I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm sure this has been a very hard season for you, and dealing with all the logistics that come along with a loved one passing is very difficult. Secondly, I don't see why Carnival Cruise Line is giving you such a hard time! Why would CCL make things, even more, trying during this season of life for you? If you are sending evident proof, the cruise line should be working hard to assist you and restructure your reservation without hesitation. Thirdly, I believe you need to send some messages to the higher-ups and not back down. Although this takes more effort, and I'm sure you have a full plate right now, you need to get to the bottom of this issue. It needs to be corrected and you shouldn't have to question your deposit refund. That's just not fair. 

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