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In a sad way it made me happy to see a cruise liner coming into dock while the locals where in the middle of a Grindadráp, which saw 78 pilot whales terrorised and slaughtered on the beach. 78 is a small number, they killed over 700 since the beginning of May this year. 

I think it is about time that more cruise lines boycott the Faroe Islands until this barbaric act stops. It's just not necessary in this day and age.

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@Tathanx This is so very heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, this sort of activity is still customary in today's day and age. 

For context, this is the Cruise Hive article that recounted the horrific occurrence of Amasador Cruise Line docking in the Faroe Islands during a "whale hunting tradition."  https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-line-apologizes-for-visiting-port-during-whale-hunt/106327

I would be so horrified at the sight of witnessing this massive amount of whales slaughtered. I feel for the poor guests onboard who had to witness all of these deceased whales. 

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@Tathanx This is so upsetting. As a cruise guest, I would be pretty upset having to unexpectedly watch this torment. I guess this is a ritualistic practice, but I don't see the logic. It just seems a bit barbaric and cruel. I find it hard to believe that all of those whales were killed off just to be eaten. It is certainly a part of culture and tradition that is foreign to me. I honestly didn't even know this was still taking place considering how endangered whales are becoming. I thought everyone was trying to protect the whales!

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Currently on Windstar Pride,originally en route to Torshavn from Norway to Iceland.

Seas are high with strong winds which will have affected our decision to divert away from the Faroes.Without doubt though the events surrounding Ambassador Cruises and ‘ the Grind’ would have influenced Windstar and our captain to change course and avoid a similar PR disaster. The right call- and one has to wonder the economic impact on the Faroes economy as more ships reach the same decisions.Bravo Windstar 

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@Ed sims It's a bummer that your cruise had to divert away from the Faroes. At the same time, I see the value in what you are saying. It does sound like this diversion and many others, will have a significant environmental impact on the Faroes. It was certainly the best PR move. Where will you reroute to? Hopefully, you will get to see another surprise port of call! 

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