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eSim for Adriatic/Aegean sea cruise

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@Michael That doesn't sound too reliable, but I haven't heard of this company before. Have you contacted your AT&T phone provider? I'm sure they will have a very expensive option but possibly pausing your service during this duration could be useful so they don't overcharge you for an accidental message and so on. It's going to be hard for you to find cell service out in the middle of the ocean, but you could always get the wifi onboard and utilize that service for wi-fi only messaging and calls. 

I found this company online that looks promising. 

https://alosim.com/mediterranean-esim/ Maybe chat online with someone and see if the service would meet what you are looking for.

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On 6/21/2023 at 11:30 PM, Michael said:

What is a good eSim for Adriatic Sea/Aegean sea cruise? (14 days Holland America) I have AT&T who has an international plan that would be $150 for both our phones. Thanks

@Michael and @Kendall James-Vargas On our recent trip to Italy I used the Airalo eSim card.  It was very cheap, easy to install, and worked flawlessly throughout our trip.  They have local country, regional, and global plans.  You probably could buy the Europe Regional eSim card that covers 39 countries, including those around your destinations.  An eSim for 30 days with 5GB data coverage for example only costs $20 as an example.  Like AT&T, my carrier Verizon wanted to charge me $15/day to provide coverage.  So, after only 2 days in this case you are ahead on the Airalo plan.

A few things to keep in mind though.  This is only for data, no voice or text coverage.  But, we used WhatsApp which can do phone calls and text over data to communicate when necessary to each other or 3rd parties (like people at home in the US).  To use eSim cards you must have a fairly modern smart phone that is unlocked from your carrier (AT&T in your case).  Check out the list of eligible phones on Airalo's site.  You also need to manage your use somewhat.  The app gives you a good indication of where you are at all times.  In the 3 weeks we were in Italy, I only used 3GB of the 5GB plan by using Wi-Fi wherever possible (like in the hotel rooms, restaurants, etc) and judiciously using data when out and about like for Google Maps.

Hope that helps and have a fun trip!


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