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What is Carnival's plan?

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We'll be sailing on the Venezia later this year. Very much looking forward to it but ... The ship design and color scheme are a major departure from the rest of Carnival fleet. Why buy this ship from a subsidiary company? Why a different color scheme (blue and gold rather than blue and red)? Is Carnival finally trying to upscale a bit perhaps? If so, it's long overdue. I wonder if Venezia and Firenze will be the only two or if this signals the beginning of a major shift in Carnival direction. Will be interesting to watch. Most of our Carnival sailings have been on older "medium" sized ships (Dream, Glory, Triumph before the infamous poop cruise, etc) so the Venezia will be a "double first" for us. Can't wait.

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Carnival Venezia is a part of CCL's Fun Italian Style! It's a lovely ship. https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-venezia.aspx

@KCampbellI think your perspective has a lot of merits! Maybe CCL is trying out this new brand to see if it becomes more popular than the rest of its other ships. Carnival Venezia is going to stick out to you in terms of style and class. I'm also very interested to cruise onboard this new style of ship. From the architectural design to the themed food options, I think Fun Italian Style! is going to be a really cool spin-off to an already wonderful cruise brand. 

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