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I just disembarked the MSC Seaside yesterday. The Ship was beautiful but had it's problems. We went through a storm and water was coming into deck 8 buffet. Someone said water was coming down the walls although I didn't see it. The food was terrible! For me the dining experience is a huge deal for cruising. Snapper is supposed to be flaky, not curled up and unable to even cut with a knife! However, they sure know how to make a mean coffee. I love that msc is concerned about our environment and when I cruise again, I might just go with msc for that reason alone or go again with Celebrity which is by far my favorite!

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@VLH Thanks for the feedback! Water coming down the walls sounds bizarre. Maybe there was a minor leak in need of repair, but since you weren't able to see it, that's a good sign. I agree that MSC Seaside is beautiful, I'm glad you felt the same. Unfortunately, any protein, especially fish, can get this way when under heating lamps for a while. Proteins can get tough when overcooked or overheated.

What was your preferred spot for coffee onboard? I absolutely loved the Venchi shop onboard! The cappuccinos were exquisite, and so was the gelato.

MSC Cruises is very environmentally friendly; its Ocean Cay marine reserve and sustainability efforts go above and beyond in comparison to many cruise lines. In fact, MSC Cruises just sailed its first-ever net-zero emissions cruise. I appreciate this review. It says a lot about your priorities and how much you care about the environment! 

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