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Referring to Benefits, 
I have discussed with many fellow carnival lovers referring to our benefits we would love to see carnival add  2 - 4 drinks a day for free for anyone over the age of 21 for platinum and above. That is one thing Royal caribbean has carnival crushed on. RCs crown and anchor program has an emerald class thats the same level as our platinum that they get 4 drinks a day for free per person anywhere on the ship. That's a huge perk that I'm sure many people would love to see happen. What we get is a joke, 1 drink for a week on a scheduled time at a place no one will use.

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@John Lauterbach That would be a hard-to-fill request, but I agree that 2-4 drinks a day would be a luxury. At that point, I doubt any of the platinum and above guests would purchase the drink package. Considering Carnival Cruise Line is trying to recoup its losses, I highly doubt this suggestion will be taken into consideration at the bottom line. Most other cruise loyalty programs don't offer such a hefty amount of "free drinks." When I cruised MSC Cruises in years past, one of their stateroom tier options included 12 drink tickets! It was the best but the line has since taken that perk away. Also on day two of that cruise I found out I was pregnant, so that was a literal "buzz kill."

I agree that 1 drink per week cruise is pretty lame, but maybe CCL will meet guests in the middle. Even if Carnival Cruise Line just upped the offering to 1 free drink per day, that would be a great improvement. I'm anxious to see what the line ends up doing and how loyal guests respond to the impacting changes.

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