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Cancel All Cruises

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I’m trying to understand why would anyone go on a cruise during this time. You have all these variants of Covid out and people still want to travel so they can keep spreading the virus. All cruises should be cancelled immediately. I don’t blame these ports not allowing cruise ships in, especially if you have known cases of the virus on the cruise ships. Like make it make sense. Traveling isn’t more important than one’s health. Cancel Cancel Cancel

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17 hours ago, Ghostpenguin said:

Because life goes on. Protect the weak, do not punish everyone else. Enough is enough. Sheesh. 


And the islands are protecting the weak. 


Because some of the workers at the destinations may have older or I firmed family members at home, it's not safe to bring Covid here. 


You want to cruise, fine.  Just stay off our islands.  Period. 

Nobody is telling you that you can't do what you want.  We, the island people, are telling you we don't want unsafe practices affecting our populatjon

Foor instance. 


St Croix, USVI has 41,000 people living there.  Just before Christmas we had covid positivity of sub 80 people. 


Today we have just under 4000 active cases. 

That's TEN percent of our population. 

No, stay on your boat. Come back and see us when Covid is either under control or a thing of the past.  Our hospital is full.  It's not like we can just run to the hospital in the next town is it? 

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@TollHolio This is certainly a throwback post!

@Ghostpenguin That's right, life has gone on! Thankfully those days are behind us now.

@FJB I'm impressed with how far back you went! I'm so glad those days are over. I love not having to wait for a test result and avoiding all of the pre-cruise headaches I had to endure to get on board the ships. 

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